What makes the Classic range a different and unique option in the premium sector is the use of real fresh meat and natural ingredients in their recipes. This was something that was reserved for only higher priced ranges until now, but which Ownat wanted to make more accessible, so that you can always give the best food to your pet.

Alimentación de verdad
Our natural ingredients
  • Fresh meats
    Fresh meats

    High biological value proteins

  • Whole rice
    Whole rice

    High digestibility

  • Fresh fruit
    Fresh fruit


  • Whole cereals
    Whole cereals

    Natural fiber - improve bowel movements

  • Botanical herbs
    Botanical herbs

    Digestive wellbeing

  • Pulses

    Vegetable protein and vitamins

  • Unseed

    Hair and skin.
    OMEGA 3-6

  • Brewer´s yeast
    Brewer´s yeast

    Immune system protection

Free of colourants, preservatives, or artificial additives

Preservatives:Preservatives are used to extend the useful life of the product, thus facilitating their distribution and use. They therefore have a technical role, but do not provide nutritional benefits. At Ownat we have replaced artificial preservatives with natural alternatives, extracted from vegetable oils and plants.

Colourants:They have a purely aesthetic role, with no nutritional value. This is why we have completely eliminated them from Ownat formulations.

Artificial additives:Our recipes do not include any additive that does not add nutritional or functional value to the product.

Dog range
Cat range